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Cannabis Dispensary In North York

Leaf Lab Cannabis Dispensary is a premier cannabis dispensary in the North York region.

We are a family-owned establishment providing curated cannabis services.

Our team of cannabis experts located in our North York store help you find the information that you are looking for and provide cannabis advice based on your needs.

The impacts of cannabis depend on many factors, such as genetics, frequency of use, age, sex and mood. Cannabis is used recreationally and can be used for medical reasons under the advice of a doctor for issues such as: Chronic Pain, Insomnia, PTSD, Epilepsy, Anxiety and Depression.

Our experienced staff members will do their best to address any concerns that you may have before purchasing cannabis. If you are new to cannabis, our recommendation is to begin with a product that is lower in THC and CBD potency, and use a small amount to see how it affects you and adjust accordingly.

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Looking For A Cannabis Expert?

With the number of dispensaries opening in the North York region, it is important for shoppers to find the dispensary that is perfect for them.  At Leaf Lab, we want to inspire our patrons to responsibly explore possibility through an experience that is uniquely catered to them. In this way, Leaf Lab Cannabis will leave a lasting positive impact on customers and their respective communities.

Leaf Lab Cannabis is not your average cannabis store. It is an experience that stays with customers, long after they leave the facility. Our wide range of flowers, pre-rolls, accessories, concentrates & edibles are perfect for those who are both ‘new-to-cannabis’ or ‘legacy-customers’.  Leaf Lab offers both online and in store ordering & we offer same day delivery on all orders over $50 (Within 10 km).


If you are looking to pick up your order from Leaf Lab Dispensary, we are located at

1961 Avenue Road, North York, Ontario, M5M 4A3. If you have any questions regarding Cannabis usage, please contact us at 416-488-2222, or contact us here. We are always happy to help.